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  • 1. outlaw123labs  |  October 24, 2011 at 6:57 pm

    Hola! I am 4 years old now. My name is TREY. I am the third LAB my PEEPS have had. Right now my purpose is to straighten out & teach the Baby next door[COAL]. He comes over my house and takes all my toys. He runs in circles around me and tries to get me to play with him. Meanwhile, I have to be COOL, because I am the ALPHA dog. AND I’m large & in charge! I’M A YELLOW LAB! He’s Just__ a BLACK LAB! He is 8 months old & only destroyed a rug & the cushoins from a Love seat. I have some more experience!!! I have on my resume-numerous bed pillows,linens,blankets,pillow cases, shams, my female peep’s expensive seeing eye glasses, the master peep’s eye glasses, numerous socks & underwear. I am over some of that behavior. I still strut my stuff once in a while, if I’m not getting enough attention. My buddy Coal, he knows how to work my momma Peep. He cries & whines when his momma Peep is’nt home, or when he is all tangled up in his chain. My Momma Peep goes save him all the time. I have to teach this puppy to not steal my momma Peep from me. I’m doing a good job so far. It’ll take some time. We pups all grow up sometime. We turn out to be awesome LABS! We Serve.Protect & Honor OUR Heritage. LABS ARE AWESOME!!!


    • 2. bjtaylorblog  |  October 25, 2011 at 8:27 am

      Hi Trey!

      My big dog Rex was a Golden Lab. You must be lighter in color. Rex was called golden because he was part Golden Retriever and he also had a caramel-colored coat. Is yours more white-ish?

      Your resume is long, with a ton of stuff that you’ve annihilated. My Mom would freak if I did all that. It’s bad enough I play with post-it notes and little footie socks. The main things I’ve chewed up are her books in her office shelves (the ones on the bottom that I can reach) and Dad’s eyeglasses. (I see you like glasses too.)

      Teach that youngun Coal how to be a good boy, and maybe your Mom Peep won’t have to untangle him all the time and come to his rescue.

      I have to agree with you that Labs are truly awesome. Big dog Rex was. I’m just a puny little mixed breed mutt, but I’m trying my best to do the things you do: Serve and Protect!

      Have a wiggly day,
      Charlie Bear



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