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Have You Seen This?

Charlie Bear here with notice of a cool new book. (It would be really cool if it was a new book about ME, but not this time.)

This book is from an author that Mom Peep really likes. She  likes him for a bunch of reasons:

1.   He’s a great writer. Mom has read tons of his books.

2.   He wrote about his CCI (Canine Companions for Independence) dog, Trixie, and that was an awesome book.

3.   Now he’s written about another CCI dog, Anna.

ASK ANNA: Advice for the Furry and Forlorn is Dean Koontz’s newest book. It’s 96 pages and is an 8″ x 8″ size (one of those odd dog-book sizes, huh?).

Dean Koontz’s dog Anna was raised by Canine Companions for Independence, a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing assistance dogs. The Koontz family later adopted Anna, and 100% of what Dean receives from the sale of ASK ANNA will be donated to CCI.

Ask Anna

Blurbs about it from the Amazon site:

Dean Koontz is one of the world’s biggest selling authors. Anna Koontz is Dean’s remarkable dog who is poised to follow in her dad’s footsteps with her first advice book for canines. She will soon become canine columnist to the world!

With her superior intellect, sharp wit, a warm and fuzzy heart, Anna Koontz debuts her talent as an advice columnist in her seminal work ASK ANNA: ADVICE FOR THE FURRY AND FORLORN. Some of her best advice: take time daily for ball-chasing and belly rubs – the keys (along with sausages) to true canine joy.

Learn more about the problems that plague Anna’s clients and be inspired by how she counsels them. Also delight in Dean’s just slightly skewed perspective on the importance of dogs throughout history. Without their advice, we humans would be in even worse trouble than we are today. They’re heaven-sent (what is dog spelled backwards?!)

* * * * * *

Dean Koontz’s book with Trixie:

LIFE IS GOOD: Lessons in Joyful Living

Trixie Dog Book

* * * * * *

And just because us dogs like to be the BIG dog, here’s MY book (take that, Dean, Trixie, and Anna):



Wiggles and Woofs to you all, and to all of our furry friends,
Charlie Bear



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Are you an inspiring voice?

Charlie Bear here with an offer you might want to choose:

Call for Entries in the
2013 Inspiring Voices Book Publishing Contest

“One day I will share my story. One day my book will be a reality.”

Have you felt such thoughts pressing on your heart? Susan Call did. When her mother told her about the 2012 Inspiring Voices Book Publishing Contest, she felt empowered to finally get her story on paper. She submitted her manuscript in the contest and was named the Grand-Prize Winner.


The 2013 Inspiring Voices Book Publishing Contest presented by Guideposts is your opportunity to see your story published.

Enter the contest now and submit your manuscript by Nov. 1, 2013, and you could:

  • Publish with a FREE package from Inspiring Voices.
  • Announce the news in a personalized press release.
  • Receive an exclusive prize from Guideposts.

Don’t hide your inspiring voice. Share it.

* * * * * *

Charlie Bear back again…..

If you want a free information packet, go to Mom’s website at and scroll down a bit to where it says YOUR VOICE and then “FREE GUIDE.” Click on that and get some good info to get you started. Then, you just might want to consider entering the contest! Now, wouldn’t that be cool to win?


“I soon realized that holding my book in my hands was not the end of a journey, but just the beginning of a new one.” — Susan Call


Same with Mom Peep and me! Our book was published by Inspiring Voices at first and then printed in hardcover by Guideposts Books. What a thrill! We know how you feel, Susan.


Charlie Bear Hardcover

So, tell us…are you going to get a free guide or enter the contest? Inspiring Minds want to know!  ; o )

Wiggles and Woofs to you,
Charlie Bear

September 10, 2013 at 10:19 am 2 comments

Can It Get Any Better?

Hold the lycra on Superman!  Charlie Bear here and that’s my mug prominently displayed on the Shop Guideposts site, and there’s a cute doggie to the left of me as well! This email was sent out by Guideposts to lots of peeps. We wanted you to see it too. Pretty cool, huh?

This is a really cool hardcover edition…quite colorful and kind of a collector’s item. (Mom Peep has a deep red hardcover of the Marley & Me book. She treasures it for its beauty but also for the story.)

Wiggles and woofs to you as summer brings on the heat,
Charlie Bear

So here’s the email:


Experience Unbreakable Bonds
That Are Truly Heaven-Sent…

charlie_bear_heart_to_heart (1)

Enjoy two beautiful memoirs that are testaments of faith and the lessons learned through the healing bonds of animals.
God has blessed us with the company of animals, for through them we experience happiness, derive immeasurable trust and learn lessons of unconditional love.

Exclusive Savings at ShopGuideposts
Save Over 40% off the retail price!

Marvel at a head-strong rescue dog that eventually becomes a loving member of a family, and ultimately changes their lives forever.

A delightful true tale of how humble barnyard animals help a family discover strength in the most surprising place.

P.S. Go to the second page of the “Animals/Pets” link.


June 26, 2013 at 9:51 am 6 comments

A Bonus? Can You Get a Bonus Anymore?

Charlie Bear here. Did you know I’m a writer? Me, little ‘ole me, wrote seven essays of life before rescue and adoption. It’s a tell-all series that encapsulates my life on the streets, my foster home, and my angst at being “captured.” It includes these chapters:

Spin Cycles (rescued by an angel)
Foster Care (a safe haven for whom?)
Unwanted (nobody cared)
One Yard (boxed in with nowhere to go)
Take a Hike (did he seal his own fate?)
Two Steps Back (a hidden problem comes to light)
Hope, Faith, and Trepidation (can this headstrong dog find his forever home?)

Oh, you could say I am lucky, and I’d … agree with you! I am one lucky doggie and I’d be the first to say it. But life wasn’t so pretty back then.

Anyway, determine for yourself. The bonus section from me is called: CHARLIE BEAR’S LIFE BEFORE ADOPTION. It’s part of Mom Peep’s book titled SUNNY SIDE UP: Inspiring Stories for Tough Times / Women / Dog & Cat Lovers. As you can guess, my bonus section is in the Dog & Cat Lovers part. It runs from page 284 to page 306.

SSU Signature Size

Mom initially brought this out as three separate ebooks, and you can still get each one that way, but I like the print book because it has all the stories together (it’s also a heck of a value–full of Mom’s Chicken Soup stories plus others never seen before).

If you read it, let me know if you like my section, okay? And if you’ve ever had a dog that went through what I went through.

Woofs and Wiggles to you,
Charlie Bear

Here’s the link to Mom Peep’s Amazon page where you can see all the books at once (just scroll down when you get there):

April 22, 2013 at 9:39 am 3 comments


Why, it’s the NEXT BIG THING! It’s your chance to learn about some wonderful writers and their fabulous book ideas. I’ve been tagged to be “it” for this week, and you’ll find I have tagged others for next week (see bottom of post). Take a gander around. Check out the links now, or wait until the 26th when they post (I’ll send a reminder that day on my blog right here).

Happy Holidays everyone, and enjoy the Tour!


Ten Interview Questions for The Next Big Thing:

What is the working title of your book?
Charlie Bear, What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love and Second Chances  CHARLIE BEAR

Where did the idea come from for the book?
Charlie Bear’s story begged to be told from the moment he spun his way into our lives, snapping and growling at his tail, to the admonition that he guarded his food and toys and didn’t like to be touched. I learned a lot that first year, and even more thereafter.

What genre does your book fall under?
Pet stories…memoir maybe? At its core, it’s a love story.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?
Oh, maybe Brad Pitt and Meg Ryan? Hey, a girl can dream.

What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?
A rescue dog with issues becomes part of a loving family, even while the family is going through issues of their own.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
CHARLIE BEAR is published through Inspiring Voices, a service of Guideposts and yes,  my agent helped me every step of the way.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Oh, let’s see…maybe 9 months? I had to keep stopping to put ice on my eyes after they puffed up from crying.  

What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?
I call  it a cross between Marley & Me and the movie Must Love Dogs. 

Who or What inspired you to write this book?
Charlie Bear inspired me, but so did my writers’ group pals. They are the best encouragers and motivators on the planet.

What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?
Readers have overwhelming stated in their reviews that they laughed and they cried, and felt like they were right there with Charlie Bear, Roger, and me throughout the entire story.

Thanks for joining me today. Here are the next TAGGED WRITERS! Enjoy their blogs and their answers to the ten questions next week, Dec. 26.

Patricia Lorenz
Marilyn Turk
Angela Hunt

Hugs and much love as you celebrate Christmas and the reason for the season!
B.J. (and Charlie Bear…woofs  and wiggles)

December 19, 2012 at 11:28 am 6 comments

Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw / Confessions of a Guide Dog – Two Book Reviews

Confessions of a Guide Dog: The Blonde Leading the Blind
by Mark Carlson and Musket

Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw:
How One Woman Finds Faith and Hope Through the Healing Love of Animals
by Peggy Frezon

Both of these books are about dogs (of course!) and you know me…I love dogs! Heart to Heart is not strictly about a dog, or dogs, but has enough in it to qualify in my book.

They stirred me for different reasons. Here are the reviews I posted on Amazon and then see for yourself how they affect you.

4.0 out of 5 stars Cute and Humorous, April 28, 2012

I met Mark, Musket, and Jane on a trip to their home. They are wonderful people. Musket is a wonderful dog.
Mark has taken the spirit of Musket and infused the book with sass and humor from his side-by-side companion. Musket’s “voice” throughout the book has a little dog symbol in front of it to help you differentiate between when Musket is talking and when Mark is talking, but I think you’ll catch on fairly quickly. Musket has quite a lot to say.
Chapter 3, The Three Musketeers, has a really cute beginning and I’m intrigued by the air museum work and meeting of astronauts throughout the book.
Mark and Musket, you surely get around. Kudos for writing an entertaining and informative book.
* * *

5.0 out of 5 stars A Story of Hope, April 29, 2012

Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw is the author’s mother’s story of hardships, courage, and most of all hope. Luann had many animals in her life, stray dogs, chickens, goats, and even a lamb. She’s loved them all, and they’ve loved her back.
As Peggy states in her wonderful Author’s Note: Her experiences remind me to be grateful for the roof over my head, the pets under my roof, and for healing bonds between humans and animals.
I wholeheartedly agree!

* * *

Both books are available on by clicking here:
Confessions of a Guide Dog
Heart to Heart, Hand in Paw

May 10, 2012 at 2:08 pm 4 comments

Dieting with your dog? from Charlie Bear


Hey, you guys — there’s a new book out there called: Dieting With My Dog: One Busy Life, Two Full Figures…and Unconditional Love, by Peggy Frezon. It’s another one of those “can you believe it?” questions I have for humans. Why in the world would I, a dog, want to go on a diet?
Oh, that’s right, we’re affected by too many treats, too many licks of the remnants of pie on the plate, too many tidbits handed over under the table by well-intentioned family members, as much as you are by plates of cookies in the office, hot toddies around the roaring fires at night, and chocolates and fudge and donuts and cake.
Okay, so we all need to watch it a bit.  Peggy and Kelly seem to have a handle on it, and tell a compelling story in this engaging book. Filled with beautiful photographs, this book will help you and your dog to move forward on a weight-loss journey together. And isn’t everything we do just a bit more fun when we do it with someone (or in this case, some furry someone) we love?
Like just yesterday, Mom walked me to the dog park. I got to run around and make a whole bunch of new friends and she got to talk to other humans about things like doggie day care and grooming and rescue and adoption. And the good thing is–Mom and I both got some exercise. 
If you want to read this fabulous book, you can find it here on Amazon:
Or check out Peggy’s website for more information:
Woofs & wiggles,
Charlie Bear

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Chicken Soup on Sale!

Chicken Soup for the Soul Special E-Book Promotion 

For a limited time, you can get 12 of their e-books for half price, at $4.99 each, on all the major e-book platforms: Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple iTunes Store for iPad and other “i” devices, Kobo, Sony, etc.

This is your chance to try an e-book, complete with the beautiful graphics and cartoons that are preserved in the e-book format.

Did you know most of the e-book retailers also give you a button to click on to give e-books as gifts? What a great way to send a Chicken Soup for the Soul book to a relative or a friend. 

The promotional price is for these twelve e-books:

Chicken Soup for the Soul: A Book of Miracles
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Campus Chronicles
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Country Music
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for the Young at Heart
Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Cat’s Life
Chicken Soup for the Soul: My Dog’s Life
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Shaping the New You
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk High School
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teens Talk Middle School
Chicken Soup for the Soul: Think Positive
Chicken Soup for the Soul: True Love

I’m sort of biased on three of them because I have stories in: 

A special note about the Shaping the New You book: “We are very happy with how it turned out, and I personally have found it to be very inspirational – I lost two dress sizes as a result of the book, so it is one of my personal favorites!” Your Publisher – Amy Newmark

To see the list on Barnes & Noble’s website, please click on:

To see the list at, please click on:

Enjoy this special discount, brought to you by Chicken Soup.

March 21, 2012 at 9:42 am 2 comments

Knit with Love – Book Review/Comments

Isn’t this a great time of year to hunker in and knit? Brew a cup of tea, put a log on the fire, light some candles, and listen to the clack, clack of your needles knitting.

I must admit, I don’t knit. Tried it once. Maybe even twice. Grandma B wanted me to learn so badly. She was patient, calm, enthusiastic about the craft. I was frustrated. Seems I’ve been born with two left thumbs.

But just because I don’t knit, doesn’t mean I don’t love that others do. In fact, I adore it. I’ve received scarves over the years from the best of friends and I treasure every one not only for the beauty and the warmth, but what it means to me that they produced something so special with their own two hands (and not two left thumbs like me).

Did you know Lisa Bogart’s book, Knit with Love: Stories to Warm a Knitter’s Heart contains stories of beginnings, friendship, history, charities, outreach, and community? And for those of you who are animal lovers like me…guess what can be knitted? Mats for the animals. Soft, hand-made, knitted mats to comfort our furry friends while in a shelter or rescue situation. Now that truly warms this two-left-thumbs non-knitter’s heart.

Lisa, kudos to you for bringing together a book that helps us all to see how knitting can bring people, and their community, together.

You can find Lisa’s book here on Amazon:

February 7, 2012 at 7:52 am 5 comments

Love Heels – Book Review/Comments

Look at that awesome dog on the front of this full color book. There are many more photographs in this 10 x 10 tome of 224 pages. I devoured every heart-tugging story and feasted my eyes on the beauty of these magnificent animals.

Love Heels: Tales from Canine Companions for Independence contains a foreword by Dean Koontz and stories about Puppy Raisers, Facility Teams, Skilled Companion Teams, Service Teams, Hearing Teams, and Volunteers. 

This beautifully designed and illustrated book celebrates people and dogs. Canine Companions For Independence (CCI) is a not-for-profit organization that — with the help of so many volunteers– breeds, raises, trains, and then places it’s exceptional canine graduates with disabled children and adults who are in need of their assistance.

The stories and photos in LOVE HEELS bring the Canine Companions for Independence experience to life. From the joyful hours when litters are born, through the playful months of puppyhood, these team members cherish their canine charges until the day they tearfully, yet proudly, pass them on to those who need them most. 

As a gift, or for yourself, this is a gorgeous reminder of how dogs love us, and we love them.

December 19, 2011 at 8:04 am 4 comments

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