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I’m back…..

Charlie Bear here…I was gone for a while, but I’M BACK!


An unabashed flaunt of my own self on the cover of a book. Now isn’t that precious? Seriously, this would make a great father’s day gift – hint hint – for dads out there (and I do love my own Dad Peep). And it’s in hardcover, which isn’t available at Amazon or anywhere else.

Charlie Bear & Heart to Heart  2 Book Set

From the Guideposts website:

These two beautiful memoirs invite you into the lives of two different families. Each is a true tale of faith and lessons learned through the healing bonds of animals.

In Charlie Bear…
Marvel at what a headstrong rescue dog teaches us about life, love, and second chances.

In Heart to Heart…
Discover a delightful true tale of how humble barnyard animals teach us some of God’s most important lessons.

I’m super excited and just had to let you know. But don’t delay if you want to order. There are only so many of me.

Check it out!

Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear


June 9, 2015 at 9:03 am 2 comments

Have you heard the Scoop?

Charlie Bear 1

Charlie Bear here.

American Pet Magazine runs a column written by me (ahem…Mom Peep) and it starts out like this:

I was found roaming the streets in Los Angeles, fending for myself with no one to care for me. If I’d been taken to a shelter, I would have never made it out because I had a bunch of issues: I threw temper tantrums, guarded my food and toys, and was sensitive to touch. So my rescuer took me to a foster home and from there I was adopted and found my forever home.

American Pet Magazine V4 1

My column is on page 19 and continues with this intro: Charlie Bear is a 5-year-old muttigree who believes he won the lottery. No way could life have been predicted to turn out this good. In fact, his Mom Peep, B.J. Taylor, wrote the story of Charlie Bear’s first year in their lives. It’s an emotional, heart-tugging story that includes the big dog, Rex (Mom Peep’s forever love): Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, and Second Chances 

To read this new issue for enlightening facts and stories, click here:



Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear

February 17, 2015 at 11:24 am 10 comments

Rescue Dog Tells All…Part One

Charlie Bear here. It’s my turn now. Mom’s been doing all the talking (about rescue/foster/adoption, how to add a rescue dog to your household, and what “issues” rescue dogs might come with). All good things to know, but I want to explain my side of the story.

First, it’s true. I had some “issues” when I first came to live here. Hey, wouldn’t you if you’d been living on the streets trying to fend off other dogs for every morsel of food you could find? And then there were those guys in khaki uniforms that tried to catch me to put me in a box in their truck. I evaded them by running fast, but it made me wary of being touched. And then there was an issue with spinning and snapping at myself (due to a mass of dried matter on my rear end which hurt like heck).

Anyway, sure, I had issues. Hey, think about it. When two people get married today, don’t they bring baggage (or issues) into a relationship? Don’t they posture for position in the bathroom, decide who’s going to cook and clean, who’s going to write the bills and pay the rent? Don’t they learn how to live together harmoniously? Same with dogs in a new household.

Anyway, enough with the soapbox. I’m here to give you my perspective on things. I’ve been in my new home more than a year now and I’m just over two years old, so I think that gives me the right to say I know it all. Therefore, I have decided I have a moniker: Y2K. Stands for Year-2-Know-it-All. That’s me.

At first, when I came to live here, I couldn’t believe these people really wanted me. And besides that, I was on a two-week probation to see if it would all work out. I should have been on my best behavior, but I wasn’t. I attacked the resident big dog Rex the very first day. What was I thinking!

Anyway, these new Peeps as I came to call them, were patient with me. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my cuteness (I’ve learned to work it).

We’ll go into more in Part Two. For now, Mom Peep and I have this thing going. Tell us about your rescue/adoption or foster experience in the comments. And then send us a photo of your rescue/adopted dog(s) and Mom will put it on a future blog post. Send the pic to:

Mom says Hi and Hugs,
and from me, Woofs and Wiggles,
Charlie Bear

Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, and Second Chances

April 23, 2012 at 11:20 am 8 comments

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