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How to Write a Book Review…

Charlie Bear here.

Charlie Bear 1

Have you ever written a book review on Amazon? Did you know you can, even if you didn’t buy the book on their site? Or maybe you get those emails that say…please rate your purchase of….blank, blank?

It’s kind of like this:

Aubree and frosting

You tasted something. You liked it (hopefully), and now you want to tell the seller what you think about it. If this little girlie (Mom Peep’s Aubree) was asked, I think she’d say YUM!

You could say YUM on your book reviews too, or maybe not. Most reviews of books say something about:

♥ the content of the book (helpful, enlightening, entertaining?)
♥ the author’s writing (riveting, engaging, conversational?)
♥ what it did for you (moved you, educated you, touched you?)

Feel free to add other thoughts, like whether you’d recommend the book to others. Some reviews are a few sentences and some are two or three paragraphs. Write what you feel called to write.

Mom Peep says it’s best to look for the good in something…and there is always good in something, don’t you think? Like in me. Just yesterday I was sitting calmly on the arm of the recliner when I felt the need to jump off and start spinning and snapping at my tail. Sends my Peeps into a tizzy. But when asked about me, they talk about what a wonderful dog I am and then mention that I’m still working on “issues.” Aren’t they the greatest?

Three Hearts

So that’s a few ideas on writing a review of a book you read. Is it important to do? You betcha. Why? Cause the writers of books rely heavily on reviews to help other readers know how you liked it. Maybe you can write one the next time you read a book?

As for me, I just finished a package of Happy Hips Jerky Treats. My review: YUM!

Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear

Mom Peep:

P.S. Mom Peep wants to say thank you to her Taylor’s Tips Newsletter subscribers who are reading this a second time. Mom knows that some folks don’t read Facebook posts, or do Twittering, but they get emails. And the other way around. So thank you for allowing her to send it different ways. ; o )

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Have You…

read it?

Charlie Bear here. Want a chance to win something spooky cool? Read to the bottom…


There are 37 reviews on Amazon for this book, including these:

5.0 out of 5 stars   September 2, 2013
By Shawnelle Eliasen

“When I read for pleasure, I want my emotions to be engaged. BJ didn’t let me down. I was pulled in hard and fast – found myself looking for quiet moments that I could curl up, settle in, and connect with the precious characters in this true-life story.

BJ writes with such honesty and transparency. CHARLIE BEAR: WHAT A HEADSTRONG RESCUE DOG TAUGHT ME ABOUT LIFE, LOVE, AND SECOND CHANCES is a story of relationships, love, loss, hope, trust, and eventually the heart’s amazing ability to open wide again.

Thank you, BJ. And thank you, Charlie Bear. You, sweet dog, have made a difference in my life, too!”

5.0 out of 5 stars          great story, August 4, 2013
By Joyce Henderson

“Would recommend it to everyone…..very tearful story but loved it…. Would love more stories like this…. thank you so much…….”

* * *

Mom Peep would love to get more reviews posted. If you’ve already read CB, and haven’t written a review, would you? Here’s a link to go right to the review page:

WOOFS and WIGGLES for taking the time to help us out. And a special surprise FOR ALL OF YOU. Mom Peep and I want to enter you in a Halloween Trick or Treat Drawing. WRITE A REVIEW, SHARE THIS POST on your FB page, or RETWEET on Twitter and you’ll be entered into a drawing on October 31st for something spooky cool. Mom never tricks anyone, so you can bet it will be good.

So to recap:


and we’ll do cartwheels and flips for you!

Charlie Bear Relaxed

Wiggles and Woofs from me,
Charlie Bear
and Hugs from Mom

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Amazon Plays Tricks…I Get Treats

This is one special lady. Her name is Anastasia Fontaines and she’s my friend. This whole month Mom Peep and I have been working on getting to 30 reviews on Amazon for the CHARLIE BEAR book. Amazon is where everyone goes to shop so they’re kind of a big thing in the world. In fact, just their name is intimidating!

Anyway, my sweet friend Anastasia tried to post a review. Amazon wouldn’t let her. Said something about her not purchasing at all through them, but she has (who hasn’t?). Anyway, then Mom Peep tried to get her review posted and it went up on the site…Hooray! And then they took it down. What’s up with that? Anyway, this is not a bash-fest on Amazon, even though they did pull a trick on us, it’s a LOVE FEST on Anastasia.

She’s my treat, just like the rest of you wonderful people out there who have bought and read CHARLIE BEAR and who have also written a review. THANK YOU!

So in honor of all of you who have taken the time to write a review, a goodie bag of treats is going out in the next week. Watch for it. And here is beautiful Anastasia’s review. You won’t find it on Amazon, but you can read it here:

5.0 out of 5 stars Saving Lives One Pet at a Time, October 28, 2012

By Anastasia Fontaines
Actress/Singer CEO Angel Era Productions

I’m very devoted to protecting & finding our furry friends loving homes, so it was with joy that I read the story about this adorable rescue dog full of character & growing pains. CHARLIE BEAR reminded me that some shelter/adoption/rescue dogs come with issues, and this dog had his share though that did not deter B.J. and Roger from loving him. It wasn’t always easy for all of them in the beginning, including Charlie Bear in trying to adjust to a new lifestyle in his new home. We can only imagine what CB went through before B.J. and Roger took him in as family. Even though B.J. and Roger could have given up on him after he attacked their resident dog Rex, they worked with him to get over his issues. Most dogs who have been in a shelter or who have been rescued from the streets (or worse) just need time, patience, love, and training to make great family pets. Charlie Bear settled in to the tender touch of Roger and proved himself to be the cuddly teddy bear B.J. & Roger knew he could be with proper care and understanding. It’s a dream of mine to one day have a Rescue Ranch to help Cats and Dogs in need of a safe haven they can call home like in Charlie Bear’s case. They are pure love and deserve proper love, care and understanding. In the meantime, let’s save lives, one pet at a time in any way that we can. P.S. A reminder that it is Halloween and Black Cats in particular are targeted. Let’s keep them protected.

Wiggles and Woofs  to all!
Charlie Bear

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B.J. Taylor Says…Who is Giving Treats?


Charlie Bear has been with us two years and we want to celebrate by giving gifts to YOU. 

All it takes to win a goodie bag is to write a quick review on of the Charlie Bear book. We have 16 reviews up there already and our goal is to hit 30 by the end of October. Can we do it? And if we reach 50 we’re going to double the treats for you, so tell all your friends to write one, too.

EVERYONE who writes a review wins the goodie treats. And if you’ve already done it, hooray, you’re in like Flynn!

Just click on this link to go to the CHARLIE BEAR book page. Once there, it’s easy to write a review: see where the stars are? Next to that it says “16 customer reviews” (or however many). Click on that and there will be a yellow shaded box that says “Create Your Own Review” — click on that and write a few short sentences and you’re done!

Charlie Bear sends his wiggles and woofs to all of you! And we want to thank you for helping us out because reviews are everything in the book world. People like you and me go to Amazon and read reviews before purchasing. It helps SO MUCH when there are quite a few in there, so we really appreciate your help.

Feel free to click on the Charlie Bear book link and watch how the number of reviews climb as we reach for our goal. The goodie bags will be going out after October 31st, so stay tuned, and be sure to tell all your friends…we want to double the fun!

Hugs and love,
Follow your dreams…

5.0 out of 5 stars
A Rescue Dog Named Charlie Can Change Your Life

By W. Terry Whalin “Publisher/Editor/Writer” (Irvine, California)

From the opening chapter, B.J. Taylor tugs on your heart. As she and her husband Roger fall in love with this rescue dog, you will be gripped with the pages to keep turning them and find out what happens next.

The rich storytelling make CHARLIE BEAR a winner. Here’s one short example from page 202: “Through everything that happens in the last year, day in and day out, there is Charlie Bear, the obstinate, bullheaded, little monkey that somehow licks his way into our hearts. A lot happens in a year. Life changes. Love takes hold. And you think about your second chances.”

Get this book today–and buy another one for a dog lover in your life. Then you can give your second copy as a much appreciated gift.

Available on Amazon:
Available on Publisher’s site, Inspiring Voices:
Available on Barnes & Noble: 

Want to know what Charlie Bear is up to?
Go to: or @CharlieBearY2K on Twitter.

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