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Have You Seen This Hidden Treasure?

cartoon 001

Charlie Bear here. I bet there are lots of you out there who adopted a rescue dog like me, or maybe a shelter dog like in the cartoon. Tell us about your furry friend. How does he/she make your life richer?

Woofs & Wiggles to you,
Charlie Bear

Cartoon from the Orange County Register: Overboard by Chip Dunham

February 9, 2013 at 9:29 am 8 comments

Mind If I Share My Second Column With You?

Charlie Bear here with the second column I promised to show you. This one was done in the final issue of 2012 and here’s what it said (same intro as the other one…skip it if you’ve read it before…lol):

I was found roaming the streets in Los Angeles, fending for myself
with no one to care for me. If I’d been taken to a shelter, I would
have never made it out because I had a bunch of issues: I threw
temper tantrums, guarded my food and toys, and was sensitive to
touch. So my rescuer took me to a foster home and from there I
was adopted and found my forever home.

MEET Charlie Bear
     the Rescue Dog

I’m one of the lucky ones. There are a lot more like
me out there, and many of them are mutts, also
like me. I might be part Shih-Tzu, Terrier, even
curly-Poodle, who knows, and Mom and Dad
Peep don’t care. They call me a muttigree and they
love me.

5 Things to Know About Mutts

1. We’re just as good as purebreds, maybe better!
We come with the best traits of favorite breeds.

2. With training, we can perform
the same duties as purebreds,
such as search and rescue, bomb
sniffing, guiding the blind, therapy
comfort in hospitals, schools,
nursing homes.

3. Of the 5 million to 7 million companion
animals that enter shelters each year, only 25% are
purebred. That means the biggest percentage of
euthanized dogs are mixed breed. So wrong!

4. There’s nothing wrong with us
muttigrees. We’re fit, friendly,
and fun and we love and wish to
be loved, like any other dog.

5. You might just feel what Drew Barrymore
did when she adopted her dog Vivian: “You get such
a beautiful, selfless high from saving a life.”

Adopt a mutt today (like me!), and feel the joy
of companionship.

Rescue Dogs Make Great Family Pets!

* * *

So there you have it. The two columns I did for the magazine in 2012. Like I said in the last post, we have a special column coming out the first quarter of 2013. Watch for the topic that will help you plan for spring and summer vacations. Onward through winter!

Many wiggles and woofs for a Merry Christmas season,
Charlie Bear (the Rescue Dog with a Voice)

December 5, 2012 at 3:35 pm 8 comments

FREE Stocking to a Big Dog

Rex Stocking 004

Charlie Bear here with a giveaway of something precious. When Mom Peep unpacked the Christmas stuff, she pulled out a red stocking with my name on it and a huge one with Rex’s name embroidered in emerald green right into the soft white top. Mom jokes that she could almost fit me inside of it! Well, not quite.

Anyway, Mom wants to find a new home for this beautiful stocking. Do you have a big dog named Rex? He was a Golden Lab with part Ridgeback and he’s over the Rainbow Bridge now, frolicking with all the other loved dogs up there.

new pics 007

He was also a little terror when he was a young buck like me. They tell me stories and I laugh inside, because us pups are all a little rambunctious as youngsters. Agree?

Anyway, send an email with a photo of your Rex to by midnight December 6. She’ll put every entry into a drawing and award the stocking to a lucky doggie.

Remember that all the activity taking place around your home (a tree in the living room, what’s up with that?), the ornaments and trimmings and blinking lights all send us furry friends into a bit of a tizzy so be gentle with us if we show a little misbehavior (like plucking one of those ornaments off the tree). And we’ll be gentle with you and give you time to get over this crazy decked-out season. Deal?

Don’t forget to send in a picture of your Rex, or forward this to a friend who has a Rex!

Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear

December 1, 2012 at 10:07 am 4 comments

Mind If I Share My Column With You?

Charlie Bear here with some cool news. Earlier this year, the lady who publishes the American Pet Magazine (available online for free) asked me to write a column. Here’s the first one we did and it’s in the issue above:

I was found roaming the streets in Los Angeles, fending for myself
with no one to care for me. If I’d been taken to a shelter, I would
have never made it out because I had a bunch of issues: I threw
temper tantrums, guarded my food and toys, and was sensitive to
touch. So my rescuer took me to a foster home and from there I
was adopted and found my forever home.

MEET Charlie Bear
     the Rescue Dog

Pretty cool story, huh?
But it wasn’t all peaches and cream when I came to
my new home. It was hard to adjust (I was used to
roaming free, doing my own thing), but with loving
patience my new Peeps gave me the second chance
I needed.

5 Things to Remember When You Adopt

1. Give me space. Provide a crate where I
can go to be alone.

2. Expect a bit of unruly behavior. It will
take me time to adjust to a new home.

3. Establish yourself as my pack leader.
Reinforce any training and good habits I do

4. Take me for walks. Provide exercise and
play time. If I’m a tired dog I’m a good dog!

5. Don’t give up on your love for me.
Bonding takes time. Please be patient.

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month. Perfectly fitting
for me because that’s when I was adopted two years ago (in 2010). Did you know that rescue dogs get their needed
shots, are spayed or neutered, micro-chipped, and are
deemed in good physical health before adoption? What
have you go to lose? Just ask my Mom and Dad Peep:

Rescue Dogs Make Great Family Pets!

* * *

Mom and I just turned in our next column that will run in the Jan / Feb / Mar issue.  It will be chock full of great info…and Mom and I discuss a topic that will help you plan for summer vacations. I know — crazy, huh, to even think of next summer when we aren’t at Christmas yet? Such is the world of magazine deadlines. They have to think WAY ahead.

So tell me — do you want to see the other column I did in 2012? Vote YES or vote No.

Many wiggles and woofs for a Merry Christmas season,
Charlie Bear (the Rescue Dog with a Voice)

November 27, 2012 at 2:48 pm 6 comments

What Do I Get to Eat Tomorrow?

Charlie Bear here. If I had that big ‘ole turkey in front of me I’d chomp right into one of those yummy legs. I’d leave the yellow squash (if that’s what that is) and the green stuff like beans, and even the red jelly fish (okay, I think they call it cranberry sauce), all on the platter and in the bowls.

Oh, and after I stuff my snout with all that turkey, maybe a lick of pumpkin pie with cool whip? Or banana cream? I like bananas, but I like peanut butter more. Anybody make peanut butter cake?

All around me, people are looking forward to eating a big meal. Me, I’m looking forward to the pats on the head, the snuggles from Mom and Dad, the scraps they let me have, and most of all, the love.

I’m super dooper grateful for having a family, for the lady who found me and the foster mom who nurtured me. If I can say one thing for my gratefulness, it would be to consider adopting a pet when you get ready to add one to your household. Rescue Dogs Make Great Family Pets and the shelters/adoption sites/rescue foundations are full of them.

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and to all my furry friends out there…go for the drumstick first!

Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear (and B.J. too)

November 21, 2012 at 10:37 am 10 comments

What are the 7 Steps to a Happier Pet?

Charlie Bear here. Guess what my Mom Peep got? A free t-shirt from HSUS Humane Society of the United States. And she got it just for making a donation!

Look closely. It has cats on it. Made her sad, actually, and had her missing Diamond and Red. Anyway, the purpose of my post today is to share with you what HSUS says and to offer my snarky little comments along with them. Ready?


#1 Make sure your pet wears an identification tag to enable him to be returned to you if lost. I wear my little dangly tags on my collar whenever we go out. Mom insists.

#2 To prevent animal behavioral problems, make sure you enroll your new puppy or dog in behavioral training classes, and visit www.petsforlife.orgI had training before I came to live here and by golly, I think it was a saving grace for me. If you read my book or my early blog posts, then you know I was a brat for a while, even with training!

#3 Animal behavioral problems can be health related. Make sure your pet has a complete medical exam by a veterinarian at least once a year. I know–if you’re a dog reading this, you don’t like those exams, especially the thermometer part. But they are necessary. I do mine, do you?

#4 Prepare for disasters. Make sure you have a plan for your pet in the event of a hurricane, tornado, fire or flood. We’d have to add earthquake to that list cause here in CA that’s what happens the most.

#5 Plan for your pet’s future in case something happens to you and visit for more information. Mom and Dad Peep put a few paragraphs in their wills or something to be sure I go to a home with family peeps, or friends who love me. Do you know where you would go?

#6 Learn how to avoid dog bites, and how to prevent your dog from biting, by going to Wow, this one hits home. I bit Mom Peep on the finger, even drawing blood, when I first came here. It was her fault…she tried to take something away from me. Okay, it was really my fault, and I’ve changed my ways. Have you ever done something like that (without meaning to)?

#7 Have a heart, be smart, and make sure your pet is spayed or neutered. Before I was adopted I was neutered and it’s a good thing, too, because adopting rescue and shelter dogs helps control the pet population.

So those are the 7 Steps to a Happier Pet from the Humane Society of the United States. Big dog Rex would agree–these are important things to know. Do you think so?

Wiggles & Woofs to you,
Charlie Bear

P.S. Can I ask a favor of you? Mom Peep is going for 30 reviews on for the CHARLIE BEAR book. If you’ve read it, will you write one? She, and me, would be ever so thankful. Woofs!

October 9, 2012 at 10:21 am 6 comments

What Habit Does Your Dog Have?

Charlie Bear here with an insight into my unruly behavior. Mom Peep says I just can’t get it through my thick little skull (cute and thick, I might add) that things on the top of the wall around the perimeter of my property don’t have to be barked at.

Oh, yeah? Well, they might be intruders. They might be wanting to cause us harm. They might be IN MY TERRITORY!

Does this ever happen to you? Out on the block wall in our backyard sat a Mourning Dove. Mom called it that. I called it an interloper. I growled deep inside my furry chest, sprang to the door to be let out, then dashed across the grass and up to the wall. The Dove sat there, hunched down, fluffed out, and looked down on me. I could only spring up about two feet high so I couldn’t reach the Dove, and the Dove knew it.

She didn’t move. It didn’t matter a bit that I am king of the yard, king of the household, the keeper of the area for my Mom and Dad Peep. The Dove sat there calmly and didn’t pay me no mind.

Huh. So Mom called me inside. Told me, “Charlie Bear, you have to learn to share your yard. That Dove is fine on the wall. She won’t hurt you.”

Okay, I guess I can share just a little bit.

But that Dove better not try to come inside!

So what habits do you have? What makes you bark like crazy or chase like the wind?

Wiggles & Woofs to all,
Charlie Bear

P.S. The actual name for these birds is Mourning Dove. I wonder, are they always in mourning? Mom looked it up and it’s something about the woo woo call they make that is “mournful” in its sound. Huh. I didn’t know that. Did you?

September 20, 2012 at 7:24 am 20 comments

What’s a Dog Gotta Do to Stay Cool?

Did anyone tell the weatherman summer is over? What’s up with the heat around here?

I’ve heard that certain parts of the country had incredibly long stretches of hot days. Even here in Southern California, where it usually doesn’t get too warm, it’s been hot and humid.

I almost want to do what that dog is doing above…flatten myself on some ice and let myself CHILL.

What makes you cool off (like me after a swim)? What do you do when you’re hot?

Wiggles & woofs to all my chillin’ dudes,
Charlie Bear

September 13, 2012 at 1:00 pm 4 comments

It’s my Birthday!

It was doubtful whether I’d make it to 2012. I was such a feisty, headstrong, rambunctious critter. Just ask my rescuer, foster mom, or my new Mom and Dad. They’ll tell you.

But I did it! Guess how old I am…

Yup, 3!

Mom placed all these things around me, and I sat real still for a long time (she was feeding me little bits of chicken while she was snapping pictures)….

and then…I couldn’t take it anymore, so I gave Mom the raspberries…

But thanks for the birthday celebration for me, Mom! Are you celebrating a rescue dog’s birthday soon? Share! (And I’ll promise not to raspberry you.)

* * *

Oh, and don’t forget! We’re ………..

…..sliding into the end of my DOG DAYS OF SUMMER SUPER SPECIAL GIVEAWAY

Only THREE DAYS left to enter.

I’m awarding four lucky winners a $25 PetSmart gift certificate at the end of this week. Just go to and look on the right where it says CONTEST INFO. Follow the instructions and you can SLIDE into a winning spot!

Want more chances in the drawing? Do this (as many times as you like) from now through the end of August…(just copy and paste)…

  • Tweet this: Calling all dog lovers! Win a $25 PetSmart Gift Card. Go to www.bjtayloronline.comfor details on how to enter. @charliebearY2K 
  • Facebook this: Enter the Dog Days of Summer PetSmart Gift Card Giveaway. Post a picture of your adorable pet for a chance to win. Go to for details.

That’s it! It’s easy and fun and it could be YOU and YOUR dog having fun in the sun with fabulous items from PetSmart!  

@bjtaylortweets / @charliebearY2K

Don’t forget to enter lots of times. Just go to!

Woofs & Wiggles,
Charlie Bear

* * *

Watch for upcoming posts Mom and I are cooking up: Top 5 Things to Remember When you Get a New Dog, our Rescue Dog Album, and much more!

August 28, 2012 at 8:59 am 17 comments

Mom Went to the Fair and All I Got Was…

…this tiny, yellow banana. Now, it’s just the right size for me, and I love to snatch it on the run and carry it around, but — really, that’s it?

When I looked at Mom with pleading eyes, she pulled something else out of her bag.

Slightly bigger than the banana, it sure is loud in color.

So, I’m happy. A banana and a fish.

What more could a dog ask for after his folks visit the Fair?

Wiggles & woofs,

Charlie Bear

August 23, 2012 at 9:52 am 8 comments

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