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Have you heard the Scoop?

Charlie Bear 1

Charlie Bear here.

American Pet Magazine runs a column written by me (ahem…Mom Peep) and it starts out like this:

I was found roaming the streets in Los Angeles, fending for myself with no one to care for me. If I’d been taken to a shelter, I would have never made it out because I had a bunch of issues: I threw temper tantrums, guarded my food and toys, and was sensitive to touch. So my rescuer took me to a foster home and from there I was adopted and found my forever home.

American Pet Magazine V4 1

My column is on page 19 and continues with this intro: Charlie Bear is a 5-year-old muttigree who believes he won the lottery. No way could life have been predicted to turn out this good. In fact, his Mom Peep, B.J. Taylor, wrote the story of Charlie Bear’s first year in their lives. It’s an emotional, heart-tugging story that includes the big dog, Rex (Mom Peep’s forever love): Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me about Life, Love, and Second Chances 

To read this new issue for enlightening facts and stories, click here:



Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear

February 17, 2015 at 11:24 am 10 comments

Are you a Shopper…or?

Charlie Bear here.

ADOPT or SHOP. That’s the question. When you go looking for a dog to add to your home, what do you do? Let’s say you want a pure bred dog. And you’ve had your heart set on getting just that right breed of puppy. So you go online, find a breeder, negotiate a price, have the dog sent to you or you pick it up, and life is great, right?

puppy in gift box

Not always right. Sometimes those “pure bred” dogs don’t turn out to be pure breds at all. And that high price you paid? Sometimes you’ve handed over three or four times (or more) what you would have ordinarily paid. But hey, I understand where you’re coming from. We want what we want, right?

But there might be a better way. Did you know there are rescue groups for just about any breed of dog? There are people out there…dedicated, concerned people…who scour the shelters to pull out any of their breeds. These people save the dogs’ lives. They even have dogs that people gave up for many reasons (even puppies).

Wonderful people like Bernie Berlin of “A Place to Bark” and the people at places like Best Friends Animal Society, work tirelessly to save dogs and to make sure no more unwanted dogs from breeders or puppy mills enter the world unnecessarily.

Marion Bond West and Thor
A shelter dog found a home with Marion Bond West & Gene.

So maybe the next time you could consider:

SHELTER DOGS – there are tons of them out there. Take a chance on finding your furever love at a shelter.

ADOPTION / RESCUE GROUPS – many, many across the United States. Look them up online and find your perfect companion.

Ever consider adopting a senior dog that needs love during it’s final years? And what about a difficult dog…like I was? Lots of people think shelters are full of difficult dogs. Not really true. “Difficult” dogs usually don’t make it past the three or four day limit in a shelter. Not only that, but if you see a dog in a shelter that doesn’t look like a model of good behavior or has a scowl or growl on its face, maybe it could be that it’s just not happy. Would you like to live in a small cage with a concrete floor without love and companionship and the softness of a home?

Consider a dog like me. I didn’t want to be rescued. Heck, I ran away from being rescued. And when I was given the chance to make it in a home, I fought back. But that’s the rub (excuse the pun). When I got loving attention, kind words spoken to me, patience and a lot of time, I became the good dog these Peeps knew I could be.

Won’t you at least consider giving a shelter or rescue dog a chance? That’s my public service announcement for this year. I feel passionately about this, and I’m sorry if you think I’m hitting you over the head with it, but please, please consider helping out dogs who need a home.

CB April 2013 019 (2)

A good friend gave us this mat, and even though I’m not technically a “shelter” dog, I surely did need shelter and love.

Wiggles and woofs to you from me and my furry friends out there,
Charlie Bear

August 12, 2014 at 11:26 am 4 comments

March 3-9…Did You Know?


Charlie Bear on board again. Before I came to live here, Mom and Dad had a diabetic cat named Red. He needed two insulin shots a day—morning and night. They tried having friends and family come over and give him his shots whenever they had to be away, but Red turned into a raging lion and resisted. That wasn’t good. He needed that insulin to survive.

So Mom and Dad went online, found a professional pet sitter, interviewed her, and then hired her. And guess what? Red loved this woman. She was calm and soothing and gave him the insulin shots with ease. Everyone was happy.

Do you know that March 3-9 is National Pet Sitters Week? When Mom and Dad go away, they still use the same wonderful pet sitting service to care for me. The lovely girl’s name is Jennifer, and she is SO sweet. Oh, sure, they could board me at the vet’s or have a family member or friend come and check on me, but here are the reasons why you might want to find a pet sitter that your fur babies can love:

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Professional Pet sitter

1. I like to stay in my own home with my own bed, toys, and food bowls. Kennels are okay, but they can also be noisy, full of different smells, and filled with lots of other animals that might expose me to a cold or cough or something.

2. I get personalized attention just for me, me, me. When Jennifer comes over she’s all about petting me, loving me, playing with me, feeding me. I get her all to myself and I love it.

3. The lived-in appearance brings peace of mind. Even with Mom and Dad away, lights get turned on and off, mail and newspapers are brought in (I don’t read them—I save them for Mom), trash is taken out to the curb and brought back in, blinds are opened and closed. It just feels…well…like home!

4. Sticking to my routine and feeding schedule reduces stress, mine and Mom and Dad’s. Jennifer does everything on the list: she feeds me just the right amount, tosses little bits of treats around my room to “find it” when I go to bed, turns my night light on, and tunes the radio to a low volume of rock ‘n roll. She even calls, sends texts and sometimes a picture of me to Dad’s phone.

5. And last, (this is the best reason): I’m here to greet them after their long car drive or hours of flying. They unlock the door, step inside, and announce, “Charlie Bear, we’re home!” I jump into their arms and give them licks and kisses. We’re all happy.

Oh, you could say the cost of hiring a pet sitter is a lot, but consider the cost of boarding at a kennel, or worrying if the neighbors will come by on time. And there’s something to be said about not having to depend upon family and friends who say they are willing to do it, but sometimes it’s an inconvenience. So, sure, the cost of hiring a pet sitter may be a few bucks, but Mom and Dad say peace of mind is priceless.

The next time you have to go away and can’t take your furry baby with you, give Pet Sitters International a try. They have a great site where you can find just the right match of a qualified pet sitter for your pets using their Official Pet Sitter Locator™ at Mom did it for kicks and it brought up 16 pet sitters in our area with websites and email addresses and everything. The next time your Mom and Dad go away on vacation, woof it up a little with a pet sitter of your very own and have a frolicking good time.

Wiggles and woofs to all of you for a fabulous spring and summer,
Charlie Bear

APM Charlie Bear Third Column

P.S. This column was my third in the American Pet Magazine (I’m on page 11-Woof!). You can see more great info on pets by clicking here:

March 2, 2013 at 8:30 am 4 comments

Do you ever have to take it One Day at a Time?

Christmas 2012 (59)

Charlie Bear here. Mom Peep is back from her trip to Wisconsin to be with her family and to attend the funeral of little six-week-old Baby Hailey, Mom’s Great-Grandchild. She whispered in my ear that it was the hardest thing she has ever had to go through…to see the parents consumed with so much sadness and pain. She was so glad she was there to hug them, cry with them, listen to them, support them. That’s what family is for.

So now she’s back. She still gets misty and the tears still fall. I have a feeling that might be off and on for a very long while. Grief takes a long time and you all have to find your own way through the pain. I’m planning on loving Mom extra much as she takes it one day at a time.

photo of plane

There is something that will do Mom Peep a lot of good. She has a trip coming up with Dad next month. They planned it a long time ago. She also did an article for last year that is now out. In it, Mom talks about not only our CHARLIE BEAR book, but also about planning for the care of your pets when you go away.

See Page 11 in: and Page 14 for more on me (lol). P.S. It takes a while to load…but it’s worth it.


Did you make any plans yet for travel this year? You might want to read Mom’s article to find out how to feel at peace and reassured that your pets are well taken care.

So Happy New Year to everyone from me, Charlie Bear. Mom and I know that Baby Hailey is up in heaven with God, so we’re going to rejoice that she is by His side. So Mom Peep says Happy New Year too and hug all your loved ones tight, tight, tight.

Wiggles & Woofs,
Charlie Bear

January 10, 2013 at 10:08 am 10 comments

What Does an Early Christmas Bring?

Baby Hailey

Charlie Bear here with some exciting news. Christmas is coming early for Mom Peep this year. She leaves today to fly all the way across the United States (well, from California to Wisconsin is almost all the way across) to see the new Great-Grandbaby Hailey. Mom was all wiggly today, kind of like me when I’m super excited and can’t stop wagging my tail. At least she didn’t get down on the floor and turn over for a belly rub!

Mom Peep says that anytime you are with family and loved ones it is Christmas. Doesn’t matter if the date is not exactly the 25th (the most joyous day of all). She says she’s perfectly fine with it being ten days ahead. Oh, and another thing she says she doesn’t mind: the cold up there. A friend said to Mom, “Aren’t you kind of nuts, going to Wisconsin in the winter?” To which Mom told me she chuckled inside and then replied, “The weather doesn’t matter one bit. I’ll warm my arms around each child, grandchild, great-grandchild, and loved one. My heart will burn bright red embers from the inside out.”

I have a feeling Mom would do anything to spend time with her loved ones. She even wants it to snow. Yes, snow! Can you imagine? White fluffy stuff on the ground, stuck to the rooftops and mailboxes, outlining the bare branches of the trees, stacked up on the high electrical wires. Pristine, newly-fallen, virgin snow. Kind of like a special family who brought a special someone into the world on Christmas morning.

What does Christmas bring? Love. Even an early Christmas.

Love photo

So Dad and I will hunker down while Mom is gone. He’ll eat too much bad stuff and feed me too many treats. But when Mom comes home we’ll celebrate Christmas together. We’re a family, after all. And that’s what families do.

Wiggles and Woofs to you,
Charlie Bear

December 13, 2012 at 9:30 am 8 comments

Who Do You Look Up To?

Ever feel like you need a little guidance? Someone to show you the way? Lead you down the path?
This big guy did just that. Click on the link below the picture. It’s just 2 minutes, but watch for a special part that makes my heart swell. and tell me if you know which one it is.


Wiggles and Woofs to You from Charlie Bear

And have a Great Monday from me, B.J.

October 22, 2012 at 8:28 am 17 comments

What’s Up With Dogs on the Bus?

Charlie Bear here. I’ve never been on a bus. Have you? Mom Peep’s friend Kimi Yokota is a puppy raiser for CCI Canine Companions for Independence. Thanks, Kimi, for letting me share one of your outings.

The OCTA Service Animal Training is held once a year on the first Saturday of October and offers service animals the opportunity to ride the OCTA Orange County Transportation Authority bus. Kimi’s service dog in training, Bowen, got to experience riding a kneeling bus (with a ramp), hear the sounds the bus made, learned how to ride and walk on slick floors, and how to enter and exit the bus calmly. His biggest issues were trying not to slide around and tucking his long body under the bus seats so his paws or tail didn’t get stepped on. 

The buses stopped periodically so the dogs could practice getting on and off. Some dogs are startled by the smell, sounds, movement, or floors on the bus. Puppy raisers watch their dog’s reactions so they can help them if they need it. If Bowen had reacted to anything, then Kimi would know what types of things to work on so he’d be confident in Professional Training.

After about a 20 minute ride they finally stopped at their destination, Knott’s Berry Farm!

Knott’s Amusement Park has partnered with OCTA for the past few years, and graciously allows the raisers and their dogs entry into the park for free for even more training around lots of people, costumed characters, and excited children. And don’t forget those important pictures with Snoopy or Woodstock.

If you are a puppy raiser and live in the Southern California area, look into attending OCTA service animal training next year.

Woofs and Wiggles to All Service Dogs in Training!
More power to you guys (and next time, invite me along so I can get a picture with Woodstock).
Charlie Bear

For more on Bowen and Kimi’s adventures:

October 14, 2012 at 2:11 pm 7 comments

How to Finish Off Summer

TWO popsicles? THREE dogs? These dudes know the fine art of sharing.

Mom Peep and I hope your summer wound-down in a really good way. She’s gearing up for fall and wishes we lived where the leaves turn awesome colors. Do you? 

I’m already seeing flocks of geese fly over the yard. I try to catch them, but they’re fast! I see other signs, like a slight tinge of coolness in the evenings and so I curl up in my bed and get a good long sleep.

What do you do?

Wiggles & woofs to you all,
Charlie Bear

September 8, 2012 at 7:13 am 6 comments

Weird Facts About Dogs

Charlie Bear here….

I’ve been doing TONS of work promoting my new contest where I’m giving away FOUR PetSmart Gift Cards. You could win one! Just go here for more info on how to enter: and look on the right for CONTEST INFO. It’s easy and fun!

So, okay, back to the blog. I was poking around one day and found this:

I thought it was pretty cool (and Mom Peep did, too, because she put up some info about me on there!), but here’s what I wanted to share with you from the Ultimate Dog Site (my little thoughts are in parentheses):

Weird Facts You Never Knew About Dogs 

  • 70% of people sign their pet’s name on greeting and holiday cards (my mom does that!)
  • 58% put pets in family and holiday portraits (yup) 
  • Dogs have no sense of “time” (I would differ with that statement! I can tell time…like when it’s time to eat, time to get up, time to go to bed. Hmmpph.)
  • The Labrador Retriever is the #1 favorite breed in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. (Yeah, yeah…we all know that. But what about us other mixed breeds?)
  • Obesity is the #1 health problem among dogs (Mom Peep weighs me once a month to be sure I’m not getting to chubby.)
  • An American Animal Hospital Assoc. poll found that 33% of dog owners admit to talking to their dogs on the phone and leaving answering machine messages for them while away (now this is really funny, because Mom and Dad call me when they are away and talk to me. Like I’m supposed to answer the phone!) 
  • Newfoundlands are great swimmers because of their webbed feet (okay, I’ll give them that, but I can swim good, too!)
  • Basset Hounds cannot swim (awww…that’s too bad for them)
  • Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on earth, with speeds of up to 45 miles per hour (yeah, just clock one in the dog park)
  • Three dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese (incredible…)
  • 87% of dog owners say their dog curls up beside them or at their feet while they watch T.V. (got that one spot-on)
  • Dogs can be trained to detect epileptic seizures (I’ve heard of that!)
  • President Lyndon Johnson had two beagles named Him and Her (they didn’t have books with names for dogs back then?) 
  • The U.S. has the highest dog population in the world, France has the 2nd highest (go USA! And if dogs were in the Olympics, just think what medals we could earn!) 
  • If never spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their puppies could produce over 66,000 dogs in 6 years! (WAY TOO MANY! Spay and neuter, folks!)
  • It is a myth that dogs are color blind. They can actually see in color, just not as vividly as humans. It is akin to our vision at dusk. (well, that clears that up!)

  • Hope you enjoyed these weird facts, brought to you by

  • Wiggles & woofs to you from Charlie Bear
    Don’t forget to enter my contest!  : o )

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I haven’t got a Clue…oh, yes, I do!

Charlie Bear here with Honey and Clue! That’s Clue above, just look at that face, and here’s Honey….!

Here’s Tiger’s story about having a Clue, and a Honey, too.

Honey and Clue both came from shelters. Honey was in a kill shelter (grrrr) in PA when I drove down to rescue her and two others.  She was supposed to be a “foster” but quickly became family. She was already 8 years old when she came to us, had been tied in a barn for years, and trusted no one. We left a box of doggie biscuits outside the front door with instructions for everyone to give her one and praise her when they came in. She stopped growling, but never learned not to flinch at quick movements or how to play, although she had one big, fuzzy ball she carried around everywhere. Honey crossed over the rainbow bridge 2 years ago at age 16 and she’s still missed.

Some irresponsible idiot dumped Clue on a back road to fend for herself when she was only 10 months old. Their loss, my gain. She is the sweetest thing alive; loves everyone and everything, including field mice! She’s 12 now and slowing down, but still up for a short game of ball and always ready to snuggle.


* * *

Charlie Bear back again. So how’s that for a love story? These two beauties found love and comfort. Honey sure had a “sweet” home (couldn’t resist!).

I’m sure Rex has said “hi” to Honey up over the rainbow bridge. Boy, she lived a long life — she was 16! — my Mom Peep wishes Rex would have stayed around way past 11. 

Wiggles & woofs,
Charlie Bear

June 29, 2012 at 10:03 am 2 comments

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