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How to celebrate Memorial Day…

Charlie Bear here.

Charlie Bear 1

Today is Memorial Day. I have memory. I remember.

There are men and women out there who are fighting for all of us so we can remain free. Free to go where we want to (within the law, of course), free to do what we want to (again, within the law), free to eat what we want, sleep when we want, think what we want.

Charlie Bear with American Flag 001

Freedom. Let’s not take it for granted. I think we would truly miss our freedom if it were taken away. Let’s not let that happen.

Memorial Day is a time to remember. I remember.

Wiggles to you all,
Charlie Bear


May 25, 2015 at 6:51 am 2 comments

Do You Do The Green Thing?

Charlie Bear here with a question for you. Lately, Mom Peep has to put her memory skills into overtime. No more rushing into the grocery store with just her purse, car keys, and list in hand. No, she has to stop and think and act.

You see, something happened at the grocery stores here in Southern California, or at least at the stores where she shops all the time. They now require you to BYOB!

That’s right. You have to bring your own bags!

grocery bag

canvas grocery bag

The first time she had a clue about this was in the checkout line when the clerk asked if she wanted a bag for 15 cents. She said, “What?”

“You have to pay for bags now,” the clerk said, “unless you bring your own.”

So Mom Peep bought a bag. The next time she went into the store, she forgot the bag and they asked her the same thing again. “Drat,” Mom Peep said, “I have a bag but left it in my car!” So they packed the groceries right into the cart and not even into a plastic or paper bag. Geesh.

You know what happened the next time?


She forgot again!

Guess what happened the time after that? She remembered! Hooray for Mom Peep.

woman with shopping bags

This BYOB is driving Mom Peep’s memory into overdrive. But she’ll get with the program soon enough.

Is there anything like this where YOU live?

Wiggles and woofs,
Charlie Bear

November 25, 2013 at 11:21 am 16 comments

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