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What’s Prime Time?

Charlie Bear 1

Charlie Bear here with a Newsletter from Mom Peep B.J. Taylor. I hope you like it.

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

Dear Friend,

Christmas is more than two months behind us. Spring is about two months ahead. (Let’s hope it’s less, right Northeasterners?) Summer is right after that.

So what does that make NOW?

PRIME TIME to get things done. Do you have goals? Something in your brain that’s niggling at you? A writing opportunity / deadline that beckons? A story you want to write? A book you want to work on?

What’s stopping you?

stop sign with hand

The biggest stop sign is the one you place in front of yourself. The cure is to:

Just do it

How about these strategies:

  1. Cram writing in between the tight spots, working on a project for half an hour when the house is quiet or getting up early to put in a little writing time.
  2. Grab fear by the tail and send it swinging, giving in to the knowledge that yes, there are lots of things that are frightening, but you’d rather be afraid of revising and making it better than not having started at all.
  3. Percolate on your project all the time: when you are washing dishes, making the bed, stuffing laundry into the machine, folding fresh clothes, driving to work (but be attentive—daydream only at stop lights), and even when with your spouse (you know you do it—as long as you give that person your undivided attention when it is required).

We writers never really turn it off, do we?


I think I’ve said it before: if you don’t know where you are going there is no way you will get there. Like an airplane flying without a destination, a writer without projects and goals will never accomplish anything. Agree?

So plan your strategy for the in-between time right now. Spring is coming…summer right after. What are YOU going to accomplish before that time? Let me know.

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Going On:

B.J. Taylor domain name: Maybe you’ve noticed that my website is longer than just my name? It’s That’s because the name B.J. Taylor alone had been taken. A man had it “parked” which meant he had the rights to it as long as he paid the yearly fee for renewal. At the end of last year I hired a wonderful woman named April Michelle Davis from Editorial Inspirations to upgrade/update my website. She reached the owner of and negotiated for me to buy it. I’ll admit it wasn’t cheap. But I think it’s worth it. Look for the shorter, quicker-to-type version of my website name soon. And don’t worry if you don’t remember to switch, the old website with “online” in the name will rollover to the new one. Isn’t technology wonderful?

P MS to a T: the winning formula for writing nonfiction short stories that sell The manuscript is now in the hands of my book services guy and his wonderfully talented team from They will format the book for print through Amazon and as an e-book available through the regular channels (Amazon, B&N, etc.). Here’s a sneak peek at the cover. What do you think?

P MS to a T

Orange County Christian Writers Conference I cannot wait to see you at the conference. It runs Friday, April 24 from 5:30 to 9:30, and Saturday, April 25 from 8:00 to 5:00. Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, California. It’s going to be filled with opportunities to learn more about your craft.

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal I’ll be doing something different: group appointments. I will meet with six attendees at a time for 30-minutes. You get to do a three-minute elevator pitch and then receive feedback. Sounds like fun! I’ll also be teaching Writing for the Guideposts Contest and Making $$$ Selling Inspirational Short Stories. Did you register yet? May 15-16, 2015 in Redmond Washington (near Seattle).

* * * * *

By Portland Book Review:
By Galina Roizman

This review is from: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances (Paperback)

“Hon, do you think the day will come when we don’t have any pets?” B. J. Taylor asks her husband when they lose their second cat in a few months apart. His answer, “I don’t think so,” is probably common for all animal lovers and it isn’t surprising that soon they decided to add a small dog to the golden Lab, Rex, the only pet left at their home. What is surprising that while looking for a dog like a Yorkie they spot the photo of a young Shih Tzu/Terrier mix rescued from the street and both fell in love with his cute appearance and decided to give him a trial. Was this a right decision?

‘“I need a home and someone to love me.’ How could someone not love this dog?”

Charlie Bear is adorable, but has a lot of behavioral issues. B. J. and her husband are responsible pet owners concerned not only with animal rights but with proper animal behavior as well. Would B. J.’s place be a good home for Charlie Bear? Can he trust his new owners? Read the book to find it out. Short “Charlie’s monologues” are funny and provide an additional charming aspect to the story.”

* * * * * *

For Charlie Bear’s dog blog:

He’s also on Facebook: 
and on Twitter: @CharlieBearY2K.

B.J. Taylor

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Do you have it?

Charlie Bear here.

Mom Peep wants to know if you have it. I want to know if you have it.

What is it? I’ll let her tell you all about it in her first Taylor’s Tips Newsletter of 2015:

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

Have you heard about the trend of picking a single word to concentrate on for the coming year?

My word for 2014 was TRUST. It served me well.

My new word for 2015 is COURAGE.


Picture the lion in the Wizard of Oz, pulling on his tail, twisting it all around, blubbering and choking out the words, “All I need is some courage.”

lion with courage medal

That’s me. I have so much to accomplish in 2015. Maybe you do, too?

I need strength, determination, and fearlessness to go after my dreams.


But I have a feeling I can do it. I already feel infused with courage and am ready to put my all into this new year.

Are you ready to join me?

Write to me at and tell me what YOUR word is for 2015. We’ll pursue our goals together.

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Going On:

With 2015 now here, we can set our sights on writers conferences ahead. I have mine planned out. Do you?

Orange County Christian Writers Conference A fabulous way to kick off your year. Starts on Friday, April 24 (5:30–9:30), and runs through Saturday, April 25 (8:00–5:00). Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, California. A great conference with a fabulous staff devoted to giving you the best opportunity to learn your craft.

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal This is going to be a good one. May 15-16, 2015 in Redmond Washington (near Seattle). I’ll be teaching Writing for the Guideposts Contest and Making $$$ Selling Inspirational Short Stories. There will be lots to learn, editors to meet, agents to talk to.

The promised book:

P MS to a T: the winning formula for writing nonfiction short stories that sell A hearty THANKS to the wonderful beta readers who gave me valuable input into the manuscript. I am in the revision stages and plan to have the book available in print and e-book format by the end of February or early March. Stay tuned for more info on how the book is developing.

* * * * *

5.0 out of 5 stars Very loving book

By Barbara A. Castleman “” (Salem, OR United States)

This review is from: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances (Paperback)

“I laughed and I cried along with the author. Very well done story of how we love our fur babies.”

* * * * * *





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Sweater Weather and You…

B.J. here with a special…

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

It’s October. Time for sweater weather (some of you already have sweater weather), pumpkin seeds for roasting and munching (my favorite part of carving), ghosts and goblins hanging from the trees (they’re already here and scare the dickens out of Charlie Bear on our walks).

How was your summer? Do you remember the Summer Challenge?


  1. PLAN –
    Dream in Clouds
    Pick 3 things to accomplish.
  1. PREPARE –
    Things to Do
    Gather the materials you need ahead of your work time.
  1. PERFORM –
    Energizer Bunny
    Get busy when a window of time opportunity opens.

How did your Summer goals go? Did you hit the target bulls eye every time or were you just a bit off the mark?

target with many arrows

Here were my goals and how I did this summer:

  1. Chicken Soup entries. My goal was to submit two stories. Done. Did that.
  2. Blog Posts. My goal was to write them in advance and have a few in the pipeline for when I was super busy. Done, but not to the extent I wanted. I still struggle with time management and sometimes I’m ahead on my blog posts and sometimes I’m behind.
  3. Outline upcoming book. I’m about halfway there. I have the structure, chapter headings, some chapters written, the forward, and I’m working on more each week. So I’d say my goal was halfway met.

How about you? Did you achieve all your goals? Some of them? Reply back to me and let me know how your summer challenge shook out. And if you want to, let me know your fourth-quarter goals. Mine? Sort of the same, with a little twist.

goals people

Sweater Weather Goals:

  1. Chicken Soup entries—submit two by the end of December.
  2. Blog Posts—write at least four in advance of needing them.
  3. Write complete P MS to a T book by the end of December.

I’m not afraid to say I didn’t quite make a goal. The key for me is to regroup, restructure my writing time, and rethink what is important. As the holidays approach, family is most important so I’m going to work on achieving my three goals WAY before a fun December. How about you?

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Going On:

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal I was just asked by the conference director for a description of the classes I like to teach and I had two responses: Writing for the Guideposts Contest or Making $$$ Selling Inspirational Short Stories. The conference director was going to pick one. He emailed and asked if I’d teach both. I said YES! Do you want to be there? Start saving now. May 15-16, 2015 in Redmond Washington (near Seattle).

Orange County Christian Writers Conference This was a great conference in 2014 with new directors and people in charge of the event. It ran smoothly and met the needs of writers looking to enhance their writing and their writing career. The 2015 conference will be held on Friday, April 24 (5:30–9:30), and Saturday, April 25 (8:00–5:00). Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, California. Come on down!

* * * * *

A review of Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances (Kindle Edition)

Beautifully Written!

By Gloria J. Field “V-Star girl”

Definitely worth reading. Beautiful story, well written. Buying copies for friends to enjoy this Christmas. Highly recommended for you, too.

* * * * * *

Want to hear Charlie Bear’s “voice”?

Here’s his photo shoot for the Guideposts story:

He’s also on Facebook:
on Twitter: @CharlieBearY2K.

P.S. You can forward this email to your friends and if someone wants to sign up, all they have to do is send me an email that simply says, “sign me up.” Super easy!

B.J. Taylor






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Do You Have One?

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…by B.J. Taylor

Dear Friend,

Summer is here and with it comes all kinds of fun: outings to the park or the beach, movies, picnics and BBQs, vacations and lazy days. That’s all great, but I’d like to propose a SUMMER STRATEGY for those who want to get something accomplished while still having fun in the sun.

Here’s the 1  2  3


pen and paper

Pick just 3 things you want to accomplish this summer. For me, I want to: 1) write and submit two Chicken Soup stories, 2) outline my next nonfiction book so I can begin the writing this fall, and 3) write 6 blog posts so I have a short stack of go-to’s when I’m busy. What THREE things do you want to do this summer? Write them down.


bird on nest

Look at your three. What do you need to gather to make those happen? I asked myself these questions: Do I know what two Chicken Soup books I want to write for? Have I looked at the website to see the story call-outs and deadlines? Do I have 3 x 5 cards for outlining (maybe different colors for multiple POVs)? What blog post ideas interest my blog readers? I need to gather all of my materials ahead of my work time. Do you know what you need so you are prepared?


Perform goals

You planned and prepared, now perform. Take each of your plans and break it down. Look at your calendar. When can you work? Take a Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon, or an early morning before the kids get up, or late at night when everyone is in bed. You prepared for it, you have all your supplies, so when you find that two-hour window, get busy and get going.

Do you remember what it’s like to have that sense of accomplishment when you do something? Doesn’t it feel good? If you allowed for relaxation time, refreshing weekends, maybe even reading a much-desired book, you’ll enjoy the performance and achievement of your goals so much more. As the summer progresses and you cross first one plan off your list, and then another, look down the road at yourself. Are you beaming with pride? You should be.

Let me know your PLAN for the summer. I’d love to share in your excitement. Just reply to this email or comment on Facebook. We can all encourage and support each other.

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

P.S. If you want to subscribe to the once-a-month unobtrusive email format of this newsletter, just go to my website and insert your email address right on the home page.

What’s Going On:

Family Fun – I came back from Wisconsin with visions of my Great-Granddaughter Aubree in my head (and in my cell phone photo gallery and on my digital camera). She’s precious, sweet, and adorable, and all the accolades I lay on her would never match up to how much I love her. I’ll bet you have loved ones you find precious too. It’s what makes life worth living.

Nothing on the Agenda for Now – So how is your summer stacking up? I have my projects and open prayer time for God to drop in whatever he feels is right for me. How about you?

* * * * *

Looking for a few good….reviews! We haven’t had a review of Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances since February.

Is anyone reading the CHARLIE BEAR book? We’d love it if you’d post a review on Amazon. Charlie would give you a woof/woof and a paws-up! And I’d say a big thank you!

* * * * * *

Charlie Bear loves to speak (through his Mom Peep of course). Sign up here to get free posts of Charlie Bear’s blog musings:

Want to see him in his photo shoot for Guideposts?

He’s also on Facebook:
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Without shame, Charlie says: Check me out! I have a H A R D C O V E R book! You can find it here:

B.J. Taylor

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Where’s the Light?

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you… (from B.J. and not Charlie Bear)

Dear Friend,

Does life ever get in the way of your plans? Do you feel like a contortionist…trying to please everyone and never pleasing them all?


Are you stretched to the limit with everything on your “to do” list?

stretched rubber band

Feel like you are going to snap? Join the masses.

But…we must have goals, desires, dreams! That’s what they all say (who are these “they” people anyway?).

The problem is: I totally agree! And I do have them, don’t you?

But there are times in our lives when we have to put our goals, dreams, desires on hold. When things happen like when I broke my elbow. Or when Baby Hailey died in our family and I went into a tailspin for a while and couldn’t think straight. Do you think my thoughts were on my own goals and dreams and desires? Heck, no. They were on putting one foot in front of the other and taking it one day at a time.

So if the next few months find you spinning like a top

spinning top

or jumping through hoops

Jumping through hoops

take heart. There’s probably a light at the end of the tunnel.

tunnel light

A time when those dreams, goals, and desires can be nurtured once again, when we can fan our flames, see the bright light shimmer and shine, look in the mirror and see the twinkle again in our eyes. Yes, we will take up the torch and once again pursue the desires of our hearts.

But if life is just too crazy right now, step back, enjoy the moments as best you can, surrender, and look ahead toward the future.

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Happening:

Summer is here! Hope you have something fun to look forward to—maybe a Staycation or a day out at the movies? Me? My elbow is healed and I’m swinging a golf club again (haven’t played yet, but that’s coming I hope). I’m also finding joy in the fact that Kaitlyn and Nick are pregnant again. Another wonderful great-grandchild is being made and God is so good.

Of note: I’m headed to a family reunion in August up in Wisconsin where the cheese is creamy, the brats criss-crossed with grill marks and covered with sauerkraut, and the corn on the cob sweet and buttery (they say knee-high by the 4th of July…should be just right…yum!). And tons of family to enjoy it with, including seeing the “baby bump” on Kaitlyn as she grows.

Coming up in October: Antelope Valley Christian Writers’ Conference October 10-12, 2013 will be a fun event. This conference has been around awhile, but this year it will be in a new location at The Oaks Camp and Conference Center. Plan your time for learning. Join me here:

* * * * * *

A recent review from: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances (Paperback)

5.0 out of 5 stars Charlie Bear the “wonder dog”!
May 31, 2013

“I absolutely adored this book. Charlie Bear is such a precocious little imp, I fell for him within the first few pages of the book.”

* * * * * *

Charlie Bear posts on a blog at He’d love it if you signed up to get the free posts.
Woofs and Wiggles to you, says Charlie Bear
Charlie Bear’s story is in Guideposts magazine! There’s also a cool picture of him with his Dad and Mom Peep:

Charlie Bear is also on Facebook: and on Twitter: @CharlieBearY2K He loves “likes” and “follows.”


June 8, 2013 at 9:17 am 4 comments

It Never Gets Old

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

Dear Friend,

Have you ever come home to this?

I get all wiggly with excitement when I see a box tucked behind the plant at my front door. What’s in it? It’s a thrilling, spine-tingling surprise until I slit open the tape and lift out the contents.

In some instances, it’s a box of Chicken Soup for the Soul books. Did you know that when you have a story published in one of their books you receive a check for $200!, and you also receive a box of 10 free copies of the book? Now isn’t that nice!

On some days, it’s a box of Guideposts or Angels on Earth magazines, like this:

I helped a woman named Linda write her story about running again after being shunned by her high school coach. She is now participating in marathons and loving it. The story was published in this May/June issue of Angels on Earth.

Do you ever see these guys around your neighborhood?


When a truck like one of these tools around my streets, I wonder, “Could he be delivering something to me?” I love the feeling of having “acceptances” out there in the publishing world: Chicken Soup stories, Guideposts or Angels on Earth stories, or even one of my latest books like CHARLIE BEAR. It keeps my adrenaline flowing and keeps me motivated to submit more stories for future publication.

Keep those trucks comin’, guys!

And if you don’t have any trucks dropping off boxes at your front door behind your plant yet, don’t worry…they could be pulling up real soon. Just get to work submitting and never give up. It may just be that 5th, 6th, 18th, or 20th submission that finally gets accepted. And then watch those boxes pile up!

Happy writing and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…


Charlie Bear offers a loving tribute to a rescue dog that eventually sheds his headstrong ways, becomes a loving member of a family, and ultimately changes three lives forever.

Available on Amazon:
Available on Publisher’s site, Inspiring Voices:
Available on Barnes & Noble:

What’s Happening…

Hooray! It’s summer! I’m so excited to gather with loved ones at our family reunion. I can’t wait to hug every one of them. Hope you are all having great family time this summer. 

July 17, 2012 at 9:38 am 4 comments

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