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Koko on the job…

Charlie Bear here with some help for you. Christmas is only ten months from now. I LOVE Christmas. Treats, big doggie bones, yummy tidbits of people food. Bring it on! It seems like a long time away, but we should get prepared.

There’s one job humans seem to love. That’s decorating their Christmas trees. Some people buy a tree and spend hours and hours decorating it with just the right ornaments and little white lights. Some like tinsel or garland. I don’t think there are two hand-decorated Christmas trees alike.

And you know how you have to undecorate the tree after Christmas, taking off all the ornaments, disentangling the lights?

Check out this guy. He can do all that for you.


His name is Koko. And he’s ready and willing to do the job.

Aubree and Christmas 2014 (53)

He’s flattened out the top, now he’s working on the bottom.

Aubree and Christmas 2014 (52)

Koko will take off all the ornaments by batting them to the carpet, rid the tree of lights by pulling each strand down until they hang in a big loop, and flatten the branches by climbing up and up to the tippy top and then back down again. When Koko is done, all you have to do is carry the stump of leftover greenery to the curb for the garbage truck.


Yup, Koko’s on the job. Helpful, isn’t he? He’s my kind of cat.

Do any of you have a cat like that?

Wiggles and woofs to you all,

Charlie Bear

Psssstttt….are you a romantic? Check this out: A great gift for a dog lover this Valentine’s Day, right? (There are even cats in it.)

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Being “in the moment”…

Charlie Bear here. Mom Peep went to Wisconsin the first weekend in December for Great-Grandbaby Aubree’s first birthday.

Aubree and Christmas 2014 (2)

She even went along to see Santa.

Aubree and Christmas 2014 (71)

Mom Peep knows that spending time with family is precious. And she knows the importance of being “in the moment.” Like when Grandson Nick said on Sunday, “You only have two more nights and then you’ll be going home already.”

Mom Peep replied, “I’m not even thinking about that. We have lots more fun stuff to do yet.”

But she wasn’t always that way. Years past, she would stress out, have a sad face, and even cry BEFORE she was at the airport and on a plane back to California.

Now, she makes the most of every moment. Even watching two movies that weekend Colton picked out: Purge: Anarchy (which was really good from a novel-writer’s perspective), and Divergent (again, mom analyzed it from a writer’s perspective and just knew there would be a sequel…and there is! It’s coming out in March she thinks).

There was the rare alone time with Colton where they enjoyed root beer floats (yum…Mom Peep LOVES those), and the at-home tailgate party where the gang watched the Monday night football game all cozy in their home. They ate loaded nachos and chili cheese dogs and opened Christmas gifts during halftime.

Aubree and Christmas 2014 (123)

Mom Peep says: Love the ones you’re with and ENJOY EVERY MOMENT.

Some of you have to be here, there, and everywhere for Christmas. That’s the hard part of having lots of family, but isn’t it also the good part? When you walk in the door of one house, leave all the traffic problems and sour pusses behind. Enjoy being with your loved ones. And when you have to move on to the next location, do the same thing: Enjoy those loved ones too.

Mom and Dad Peep and me, one lucky dog, want to wish you the happiest, safest, most memory-filled Christmas ever!

Merry Christmas.2

Snowmen three

Woofs and wiggles,
Charlie Bear, Mom and Dad Peep


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Do You Know This Guy?

Charlie Bear here with a Taylor’s Tips Newsletter post from Mom Peep. I like this one, cause the little guy is kind of like me.

TAYLOR’S TIPS for a more productive you…

I have a friend who sits in my bookcase in my office. He’s green with bright red eyes, and he’s made out of rubber.


His name is GUMBY and the reason I love him so much is because he reminds me to bend, to go with the flow, to look at things in a happy way.

Like now, with the holidays approaching, it is definitely a time when we really need to be flexible, open, receptive to changes and upheaval. For instance, who is coming to dinner, who is not? How many places should I set? Will there be in-laws? Outlaws? Barely-know-you new family members?

Will they arrive on time or be late? Will dinner burn or dry out? Will I have enough gifts for everyone? Did I spend enough? Will it look like I’m cheap if I don’t overspend? What if I want to craft a gift for family instead of spending lots of money, will that go over okay? What will others think of me?

Will I get everything done? The shopping, the wrapping, the shipping, the baking, the cleaning, the ho-ho-ho-ing. Can I keep a happy attitude this holiday season or fall into a funk of not enough time and too much to do?

Gumby is all about being flexible.


Just look at him. How could you not be relaxed? Look how happy he is. Can we be like that (at least part of the time) this holiday season? I’m going to try, how about you? Who knows where changes will take us. I plan on welcoming them all, friends, family, in-laws and outlaws. The future will take us where we are meant to go and as the days, weeks, months, and years fly by, I’m going to be a Gumby and relax and go with the flow.

Oh, and while we’re at it, what about our writing? Gumby has a friend. His name is Pokey.


When it comes to our writing career, isn’t Pokey appropriate? Things move slowly (especially during the holiday season), so my expectations have to be pokey too. And can’t we say that we also don’t know where the publishing industry is going, who is at what publishing house, who is acquiring, who is buying, what is selling, what should we be doing in all this? We’re surrounded by changes, and that’s again where Gumby comes in.

Let’s embrace the unknown instead of fear it. Let’s welcome changes. We could waste precious time railing at the injustices in the publishing world, but instead, how about accepting it and going with the flow?

Gumby and Pokey Christmas

Hugs and love, and blessings on your work.

Follow your dreams…

What’s Going On:

Has your family asked you, “Mom/Honey/Darling, what do you want for Christmas?” And have you rehearsed your answer? “A contribution to my conference fees would be fantastic!” Start an envelope and drop in those donations (aka Christmas gifts of cash) and you’ll have the funds when you need it. See you at one (or maybe both?) of these wonderful events.

Northwest Christian Writers Renewal May 15-16, 2015 in Redmond Washington (near Seattle). I’ll be teaching Writing for the Guideposts Contest and Making $$$ Selling Inspirational Short Stories. There will be lots to learn, editors to meet, agents to talk to. Don’t miss it.

Orange County Christian Writers Conference  Friday, April 24 (5:30–9:30), and Saturday, April 25 (8:00–5:00). Location: Trinity Presbyterian Church in Santa Ana, California. A great conference with a fabulous staff devoted to giving you the best opportunity to learn your craft.

P MS to a T: the winning formula for writing nonfiction short stories that sell My self-imposed deadline is almost here. I’ll be sending the manuscript off to the wonderful people who volunteered to be beta readers. If you are on the list, watch for an email from me soon. And know that I appreciate you!

* * * * *

5.0 out of 5 stars I just want to say I really loved the Book, November 23, 2014
This review is from: Charlie Bear: What a Headstrong Rescue Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, and Second Chances (Paperback)
I just want to say I really loved the Book!!!! I did not want it to end. I love books that you pick up and start to read and by the first page you are into it, and don’t want to put it down. I could vision everything that B.J. Taylor was writing about. She has a really neat way of explaining things happening. I loved Charlie Bear’s messages too!
This book is a must have for any animal lover out there. Will make great Christmas gifts, I have it on my list.

* * * * * *

For Charlie Bear’s dog blog:

To see his photo shoot for the Guideposts story:

He’s also on Facebook: 
and on Twitter: @CharlieBearY2K.

P.S. Have a friend who might like to receive Taylor’s Tips? It’s easy…all they have to do is send me an email that simply says, “sign me up.” Sweet as cherry pie.  lol

B.J. Taylor

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Did you miss it?

Charlie Bear here.

If you missed it, it’s okay.

April 11th was:


I don’t think you have to wait until next April 11th, do you? You can love me, snuggle me, pet me, walk me, talk to me, spoil me EVERY DAY of the year. Right?

Same goes for special days in YOUR world, like Valentine’s Day, Christmas Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and all the other special days that are highlighted on your 12-month calendars in caps and bold print. How about if we make every day a special day (that would blow all those marketing geniuses’ minds, huh?). Why wait until February 14th to treat your special sweetie to something nice? Or buy someone a little gift that doesn’t cost much just because. Now there’s a concept.

Anyway, don’t fret if you missed National Pet Day. Mom Peep and I write a column for American Pet Magazine and it talked in there about what to do with me to honor my special day. You can check it out here if you want to (page 17). But like I said, don’t sweat it. There’s a new issue coming out next month with tips on how to enjoy summer with pooches like me. Great stuff.

Charlie Bear Relaxed

In the meantime, enjoy each and every one of your special days.

Woofs and Wiggles,
Charlie Bear

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To Re-Gift or…

Charlie Bear here. I see signs of Christmas coming. Bright, colored lights, a sparkly tree, stockings hung by the chimney with care…oh, okay, I’ll stop there.


I do think Christmas is a joyous time, don’t you? Lots of munchy tidbits when family and friends drop things unexpectedly, and I’m always there, waiting. Yum!

But there’s a huge question hanging in the air: to re-gift or not to re-gift? Do you know what I mean?

wrapped boxes

You get a bag of doggie treats that you already have three of, or a toy turtle that you can’t use because you love the one you have so much and it would be, well, just wrong to love another. Or, say, you get something totally out of character. Like for me, an 18 pound wonder dog, to receive a two-foot long rawhide chew bone that I can’t even get my mouth around one corner–well, that would be just silly.

bone wrapped with red ribbon

Ever get gifts out of character for you? I say it’s perfectly fine to re-gift, as long as you don’t chew on it first or rub your fur all over it and make it smelly. A new home would give the gift someplace to go instead of into the basement or attic (we have neither here in California…oh, ok, we do have an attic but you wouldn’t want to go up there).

Anyway, how do you feel about re-gifting? Tell, please, what have you redistributed to a new home?

Wiggles and woofs,
Charlie Bear

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Pit Bull says, “Don’t Stop the Party.” I say….

Don’t stop the ING-ing!

Charlie Bear here. Right around the middle of November everyone goes a little crazy with the ING.

ThankING (that’s a good thing)


Then we turn the corner into December and there’s:


merry christmas

And that’s also a very good thing. There is one ING that I’d like us all to continue with as we jump into the new year with both feet:


power of prayer

There’s lots to pray for. Thankfulness for what we have and pleas for what we need. Mom Peep is praying really hard right now for her Great-Grandbaby who is very sick. If you could add Hailey to your prayer list, Mom would really appreciate it.

Me, I’m praying for peace. It’s too much to ask for world peace, so maybe we could have more peace in our own households and we could all help one another just a little bit more this coming year.

Speaking of that, it’s time to give Mom and Dad Peep some lovin’. Join me in spreading the love and as Pit Bull says, “Don’t Stop the Party.”

Wiggles & Woofs,
Charlie Bear

December 31, 2012 at 9:37 am 6 comments

Is there a better present?

Charlie Bear here with a special Christmas greeting.

Charlie Bear the Present 2012

May you have a wonderful, fulfilling, merry and joyous couple of days with your family, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes things are not always the way we want them to be. Sometimes we have to make adjustments in our expectations. Sometimes we have to have acceptance in abundance.

Mom and Dad Peep say that I’m a great present to them. I say, nope, that’s not the case. They’re the best present to me. See, without them I’d be on the streets in LA, starving for attention, foraging for food, cold and alone. I have LOTS to be grateful for.

Mom Peep tries to always be positive, but there’s something that’s bothering her a lot. This joyous time of year can also be filled with sadness. Mom Peep’s Mom went to heaven on Dec. 20 just two years ago, and that’s sad for her, but losing a mom is a lot different from losing a child. Mom’s heart is heavy with tears for those who have lost special little loved ones this holiday season. So it is in many households that sadness rocks their Christmas world. There are no words to say to make it better. May God comfort each and every Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt, Uncle, and family who have lost someone special.

the little shepherd

And may you have a special Christmas.
Love to ALL.

Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear (and Mom and Dad Peep too!)

December 24, 2012 at 2:41 pm 12 comments

What Does an Early Christmas Bring?

Baby Hailey

Charlie Bear here with some exciting news. Christmas is coming early for Mom Peep this year. She leaves today to fly all the way across the United States (well, from California to Wisconsin is almost all the way across) to see the new Great-Grandbaby Hailey. Mom was all wiggly today, kind of like me when I’m super excited and can’t stop wagging my tail. At least she didn’t get down on the floor and turn over for a belly rub!

Mom Peep says that anytime you are with family and loved ones it is Christmas. Doesn’t matter if the date is not exactly the 25th (the most joyous day of all). She says she’s perfectly fine with it being ten days ahead. Oh, and another thing she says she doesn’t mind: the cold up there. A friend said to Mom, “Aren’t you kind of nuts, going to Wisconsin in the winter?” To which Mom told me she chuckled inside and then replied, “The weather doesn’t matter one bit. I’ll warm my arms around each child, grandchild, great-grandchild, and loved one. My heart will burn bright red embers from the inside out.”

I have a feeling Mom would do anything to spend time with her loved ones. She even wants it to snow. Yes, snow! Can you imagine? White fluffy stuff on the ground, stuck to the rooftops and mailboxes, outlining the bare branches of the trees, stacked up on the high electrical wires. Pristine, newly-fallen, virgin snow. Kind of like a special family who brought a special someone into the world on Christmas morning.

What does Christmas bring? Love. Even an early Christmas.

Love photo

So Dad and I will hunker down while Mom is gone. He’ll eat too much bad stuff and feed me too many treats. But when Mom comes home we’ll celebrate Christmas together. We’re a family, after all. And that’s what families do.

Wiggles and Woofs to you,
Charlie Bear

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Who, me? Stressed? What to do…

stressed dog

Charlie Bear here. I’m not stressed, but Mom is. She’s running around doing all sorts of things. Like ordering stuff online and finding these at the front door:

Books at Front Door 004

And planning Christmas dinner where she’ll entertain about 10 people (that’s not that many…I wish there were MORE…more crumbs and treats for me!):

Chef pic

She’s wrapping and decorating and shipping and she even made cookies (where she ate so much dough she got an upset stomach…I told her that would happen but she didn’t listen to me).

So here’s what she’s planning on doing soon. I don’t know how soon or when, but she thinks it’s a great idea to relax maybe in a bubble bath, or read a good book:


And then last, she’s remembering the reason for the season:

the little shepherd

Wiggles and Woofs to you all and be safe out there,
Charlie Bear and Mom Peep B.J.

December 10, 2012 at 10:11 am 6 comments

FREE Stocking to a Big Dog

Rex Stocking 004

Charlie Bear here with a giveaway of something precious. When Mom Peep unpacked the Christmas stuff, she pulled out a red stocking with my name on it and a huge one with Rex’s name embroidered in emerald green right into the soft white top. Mom jokes that she could almost fit me inside of it! Well, not quite.

Anyway, Mom wants to find a new home for this beautiful stocking. Do you have a big dog named Rex? He was a Golden Lab with part Ridgeback and he’s over the Rainbow Bridge now, frolicking with all the other loved dogs up there.

new pics 007

He was also a little terror when he was a young buck like me. They tell me stories and I laugh inside, because us pups are all a little rambunctious as youngsters. Agree?

Anyway, send an email with a photo of your Rex to by midnight December 6. She’ll put every entry into a drawing and award the stocking to a lucky doggie.

Remember that all the activity taking place around your home (a tree in the living room, what’s up with that?), the ornaments and trimmings and blinking lights all send us furry friends into a bit of a tizzy so be gentle with us if we show a little misbehavior (like plucking one of those ornaments off the tree). And we’ll be gentle with you and give you time to get over this crazy decked-out season. Deal?

Don’t forget to send in a picture of your Rex, or forward this to a friend who has a Rex!

Wiggles and Woofs,
Charlie Bear

December 1, 2012 at 10:07 am 4 comments

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